Sometimes I go to a party or watch a late night movie during the week. I can boost up the next day with caffeine with no problems. Of course, after the lunch break things slow down a little bit. I might get spaced out and find it hard to focus. I might start doing a simple task and it would take me two times longer than usually.

Once, I worked the whole week like so. I came in around 9am. I had a regular day of work with the colleagues except it was busier than usually. Then, the team and I would go on and work until 3am in the morning. It was like this the whole week. Of course, it was a one time project that needed to be done mostly off business hours. But as it also affected the business during normal hours I needed to be there to fix those things as well.

You might guess that I’m going to say next. Rest is very important for productivity. Especially if you need to create something. To some extent it’s possible to pull it off. For me no more than three days. That’s the limit, after that I need a real good night sleep. Nine to ten hours preferably. And I don’t like to sleep the weekend away either so I rather just go to sleep earlier.

As I go to sleep earlier I will have less hours in my day. This is not entirely true although sometimes it feels like it. I know that when I’ve slept well I’m in a positive mood already in the morning and I get more done even with my personal life – not just work. In fact, being well rested helps the brain cells recharge and create those information highways that speed up our cognitive processes. And when we get new connections the ability to learn more is even higher. What a beautiful circle that is!

And besides, if I’m well rested during the week I’ll have more energy to jump around in the weekend. Who wouldn’t want the two days off to be even more fun?

October 18th, 2012

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