I love it when someone talks out loud and gives away great ideas. I like to do that also. It’s great how basically anyone outside your head can see things more clearly than you can. And most of the times that’s the push you need to understand what you need to do next.

But there’s always a but. This time the but is prerequisite. Being open to new ideas goes a long way but alone is not enough. What you need is the ability to be honest to yourself. Even if it hurts. You need to be able to let go of your guard and admit that you cannot do everything by yourself and you don’t know it all.

When you see this you’ll be able to lose the huge ego that is responsible of so many mishaps, breakups and even wars. Pride is the one thing that will stop your progress when trying to grow as a person. Pride is the enemy and it comes from within.

It takes courage to let go of your pride. You will be humiliated. No. You will feel humiliated which is a totally different thing. No one is there to get you. People are way too busy protecting their own pride to mess with you! Only you can humiliate yourself and if don’t feel humiliated there’s nothing anyone else can do either.

Do something crazy today that will make you feel like you have been humiliated. Anything will do, the more you anxiety you have towards doing it the better. If you feel really self-conscious about singing do that in the sidewalk during traffic hour. Give yourself just enough time so that people will notice and then walk away without saying anything. Thirty-seconds at high volume should do it. Or do some dumb internet stunt like planking in a busy place.

“It’s not like me” is not an excuse. I’ll tell you what’s like you. After you’ve done this it’s going to be like you to be more open and honest towards yourself. That has value.

What did you do?

November 13th, 2012

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