Sometimes I just do whatever it takes to avoid writing. Or whatever it is that I should do. Sometimes I clean. And at that point cleaning feels so good that it makes me sick. Sometimes I reorganize furniture and sometimes I redo my website’s theme from scratch.

And it depends on the time off that I need. If it’s a short break I might do the cleaning. If it’s a bit longer I might do the furniture as I first need to use SketchUp to 3d model the apartment and then start organizing the furniture on screen first… And if I really need a break I redo the website. That will take the longest as I really do always start from scratch.

After one of those is done I can focus again on the writing. I really don’t need a break but I need to accomplish something. Cleaning is easy, I can see the results immediately. And when I get stuff done I’m motivated to get more stuff done.

So to do more I need to do more. And here you thought I was writing about cleaning…

What’s your my-brain-needs-a-break activity?

November 19th, 2012

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