So, I changed my name. It’s Paul Merisalu. And really, did you think I’m already 30? I’m almost hurt.

It’s my late grandfather’s name. I wish I would have been able to hang out with him more – he was such an awesome guy. So yeah, I’m sentimental.

But also, now other people than Finns and Estonians can pronounce my name. That’s pretty cool.

On top of this I’m also studying to become a killer ad man. I’m doing this in Turku University of Applied Sciences. And I’m on a turbo mode so some projects such as my Productivity Book is on the back burner.

And also this site. But not to worry – you can still read my blog post archive and my productivity video page will remain here.

And I’ll continue blogging on my new site

Sign up as I’ll also be announcing the updates on the Productivity Book Project there. No spam, I promise!

Yours truly,

Paul Merisalu


December 2nd, 2014