The world revolves around what and how. Companies revolve around what they do. The first thing you ask an acquaintance is what do you do for a living. You ask a big shot marketer like Seth Godin how do you do it. This blog revolves around it as well – what to do when you get stuck or how to better plan your time.

But people seldom if ever ask why you do something. Kids do that. And it really is a far more important question. So, why does this blog exist?


It exists to help the community around me be more productive. I want the community to be productive and happy so I could be that as well. As the community is more productive it makes me more effective as well – after all, I can’t do many things only by myself. Therefore, the more effective I am the more freedom I have to pursue things that make them happy.

Here’s where you come to play. Follow my advice and I can guarantee that you will be more effective. What you need to find out is the purpose of having more free time from increased productivity.

I want to be a more effective worker and entrepreneur to have more freedom. And more freedom to me means doing things that I love: learning more about marketing, climbing the cliffs, creating inspiring content, jumping out of an airplane and filling my head with seemingly unimportant details on almost anything.

Now tell me why do you want to be more productive?

If you like the question why read Simon Sinek’s book on the subject..

October 25th, 2012

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